Voting Academy

The Halberg Awards are decided by a 26-person independent Voting Academy comprised of media representatives, athletes and coaches.

Members of the 54th Halberg Awards Voting Academy are:

Andy Hay, Andrew Mulligan, Alison Shanks, Belinda Colling, Dana Johannsen, David Leggat, Duane Kale, Eddie Kohlhase, Dr Farah Palmer, Fred Woodcock, Graeme Crosby, Hamish Carter, Jayne Kiely, Kevin Norquay, Marc Hinton, Mark Richardson, Michelle Pickles, Mike Stanley, Phil Tataurangi, Ramesh Patel, Rikki Swannell, Ron Cheatley, Ron Palenski, Sam Ackerman, Susie Simcock, Te Arahi Maipi.

The Voting Academy vote by secret ballot to determine finalists and winners for the Sportsman, Sportswoman, Disabled Sportsperson, Team and Coach of the Year categories.

From the Sportsman, Sportswoman, Disabled Sportsperson and Team of the Year categories, the Voting Academy selects one winner to receive New Zealand's supreme accolade for sporting excellence, the Halberg Award.

The expectations and responsibilities of Voting Academy members are to:

  • Not disclose how themselves, or any other member, voted.
  • Have no collusion between Voting Academy members (consultation is of course fine)
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest (eg family members nominated etc).
  • Accept the collective responsibility of Academy decisions.
  • Respect the integrity of the Academy, Halberg Awards and Halberg Disability Sport Foundation, and to take no action that will impact negatively on their reputations.