Nominations Board

Any submissions queries regarding ISPS Handa Halberg Award nominations are managed to an outcome by a independent Nomination Board comprising of sport sector veterans and HPSNZ.


Members of the ISPS Handa Halberg Awards Nomination Board are:

Chantal Brunner, Graeme Robson, Maria Clark and Adrian Blincoe 

 The expectations and responsibilities of the Nomination Board members are to:

  • Confirm all nominations and to ensure that all relevant sports are represented.
  • Provide nomination information regarding any athlete who is not on the initial nomination list to the relevant National Sports Organisation or Representative Body. 
  • Where a formal body does not exist or at its discretion, the Nomination Board may submit a nomination.
  • Be satisfied that all sports have had the opportunity to submit a nomination by the submission deadline.
  • Manage to an outcome any nomination omissions/issues at any part of the submission process.
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest (eg family members nominated etc).
  • Respect the integrity of the Nomination Board, Halberg Awards and Halberg Foundation, and to take no action that will impact negatively on their reputations.
  • Accept the collective responsibility of Nomination Board decisions.